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  • Find the best global markets for your game based on platform and genre.
  • Analyze markets down to the country level (data available for 35 countries).
  • Perform localization ROI analysis (v1.1).
  • Find publishers and partners with the built-in matchmaking function.

"We love your work and you are always #1 on our list."

Producer, Ubisoft EntertainmentLearn More

"Thank you for getting things done on time as well as respectable quality. I look forward to working with you on future projects."

Localization Manager, Konami Digital EntertainmentLearn More

"Working with LAI has been a great experience. Their turnaround is prompt and their rates are very competitive. We plan on working with their great team again!"

Marketing & PR Manager, Subatomic StudiosLearn More

The One-Stop Solution for Global Game Publishing.

Game Publishing

Developers: Publish your games to the most lucrative markets overseas through our LPCs Localization and Publishing Centers or through one of our selected partners.
Publishers: Join our growing network of overseas publishers and make your services available to a carefully matched audience of game developers.

Game Localization and Culturalization

Developers and Publishers: We can adapt and culturalize your games, assets, monetization strategy, and related content to optimize them for the target market, improving user acquisition, retention and LTV.

Technical Translation

Middleware and Platform Developers: Our technical translation team can provide you with extremely readable, developer-friendly translations of software, API specifications and other highly technical documentation.


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