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Translation Agencies and Service Providers

Please move your mouse over the to obtain more information on these companies.

Web-quote with "real" price & delivery date
ABLE Innovations, Inc. Adams Globalization
Advanced Language
Atalanta Translation Services
Bowne Global Solutions CET Central European Translations
Certified Translation Services, Inc. Foreign Ink Ltd.
HighTech Passport, Ltd. JTG, Inc.
Lexicon Translations
Italian experts living in Italy!
Software localization and technical translation experts
Local Solutions Mincor, Inc.
The Right Translation at the Right Price
NCS Enterprises, LLC McElroy Translation
Rennert Bilingual
A NY translation company with global reach
Total Language Solutions Limited
Translators London UK twigg's German translations

  • Language Automation, Inc.--Videogame Localization

  • 101 Business Translation Ltd.

  • 1-2-3 Translations, Proofreading & Wordprocessing

  • 1-800-Translate


  • 1st Applied Translations Ltd

  • 24translate

  • 3D Word, Inc.

  • A Better Translation

  • A.L. Madrid & Associates

  • A2Z Global Language Solutions

  • AABX Translations

  • Abacus Translation Services

  • Abalones Global Solution

  • Abaron Traducciones ruso

  • ABC Lingo Translation and Localisation Services

  • ABC Translation Services

  • abcist

  • Ablines Traductores

  • Abracadabra Translations, Inc.

  • Abraxis Translations

  • Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd

  • Absolute Translations

  • ACB Vertaalbureau

  • Accademia di Italiano

  • Accent Language Service (Sweden)

  • Accents Language Services (Ireland)

  • Accurapid Translation Services, Inc.

  • Accurate Connections

  • Accurate Translation Inc.

  • Accurate Translator
    Full service Spanish translator located in Phoenix, AZ agency with on site staff. Document translation services for other languages include French, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, German and more.

  • Translations

  • Acebo Translations

  • Acendia, Inc.

  • Acentual

  • aClick translation agency

  • ACR Language Translation Services

  • across Languages Translation and Interpretation Services

  • Active Gaming Media
    A translation agency specialized in video game localization

  • ad Astra Translators

  • Ad Verbum Ltd.

  • Adroit Infoactive Services

  • AdVerbum Berlin

  • Advertising Translation | Publishing Translations | Translation Expert
    Keylingo is an innovative translation company offering services such as advertising translation and publishing translations by a translation expert. Keylingo combines the accuracy of professional human translation with industry leading speed achieved through harnessing the full power of the World Wide Web.

  • Affinity Language Services

  • Agencia de Traducción e Interpretación de Cartagena

  • Agency Zelenka

  • Agenzia di Servizi Linguistici

  • Agenzia Help

  • Agricultural Translation Service

  • ak2 japanese/chinese translation

  • Aktuel Translation Group

  • Albanian Translation
    Quality translation services in Albania

  • Albisa, S.L.

  • Aldila

  • Alexandria Library Incorporated

  • Alexika

  • AlfaTrad Translation Services

  • Alinea

  • All Global Solutions International

  • All Language Alliance Inc.

  • All Languages Ltd

  • all visions

    A dictionary to help German translators

  • Alliance Localization China, Inc.

  • Allingua Service International/font>

  • All-Round Translations

  • Alpha Translating

  • Alphabet Translations

  • Alpnet

  • ALS International

  • Altair Russian Translation Bureau

  • America Translating Services

  • American Alliance Language Services

  • American Evaluation and Translation Service, Inc. (AETS)

  • American Translation Partners (ATP)

  • Amidas Translations

  • AMlingua - Russian Translation Services
    Professional English-Russian and Russian-English translations by native speaking Russian translators. Translation of business, technical and personal documents, websites and much more... Rates starting at just $0.03 per word!

  • AMM Arabic Translation & Interpretation Services Inc

  • Ampersand Translations

  • Amsterdam inVision Subtitling

  • Amsterdam Translation Services

  • Amtec Translations Vertaalbureau

  • Andalex Translations

  • Antler Translation Services Inc.

  • Anyword

  • AP Portugal

  • Apex Translations, Inc

  • Apexcel Vertalingen

  • Aplomb Translations

  • Aplus Translations

  • Applied Asian Languages

  • Applied Language


  • Arabic Specialists

  • Arabic Translation Services

  • Arabic Translation UK

  • Arabtex

  • Argentine Translator
    Spanish translators. Literary, technical and commercial topics. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Argentum Traducciones

  • Argos Company Limited

  • Argos Translations

  • Arial Translations

  • Art Traduct Vertalingen

  • ASET International Services Corporation

  • Asian Absolute Ltd.

  • Asian

  • Asian Translation Centre

  • Asian Translation Service

  • ASIST Translation Services, Inc.

    A translation business in Moscow, Russia, specializing in the Russian-English and Russian-Japanese pairs.


  • Assertio

  • ATB Translation Office

  • Atlas Interpreters

  • Atlas Language Services

  • Atlas Translations (London)

  • Translation Services English German Hungarian
    Technical translation, localization, proofreading and editing in German, English and Hungarian

  • Aurora

  • Australian Multi Lingual Language Translation Service

  • Australian Multi Lingual Services Pty Ltd

  • Automatictrans

  • Avainsana

  • Avantext Translations and Graphic Design

  • Awangarda Translations Poland

  • AWS Translations (formerly TradTec)

  • Axis Translations
    Translation of all languages Italian, French, Spanish, English, German, Greek, Farsi, Russian, etc. by Axis Translations - The leader in translation, interpreting and transcription services.

  • babelbee s

  • Babelic

  • Baldwin Linguis

  • Bardito International

  • BBM Enterprises

  • BE-Consult

  • Beijing E-C Translation Ltd.


  • Best Freelance Translations

  • Betranslated

  • Betterlanguages

  • BiBYTES-A Choice Team for Top Quality ENGLISH-CHINESE Translation Services

  • Big Ben Translations

  • BigWord

  • BIK Information Services, Inc.

  • BioMedical Translations

  • Blue South Australia : Document Translation
    Blue South is a translation agency which provides language translation services from English into the languages of the world. Blue South is ISO 9001 certified and works primarily for large exporters, translating the technical and promotional documentation.

  • Blue South Ltd

  • Boa Lingua

  • Bostico International

  • Boston Language Institute / blitranslations

  • Bromberg Translation Service

  • Bubbles Translations

  • Buenos Aires Translations & Design

  • Bureau Translation

  • Business Team Translation (France)

  • Business Translation Services

  • Buy Thai

  • ByteTranslation

  • Cabinet A. Franceze

  • Caleidos e-linguistic solutions

  • California Center for Translation & Interpretation

  • Call-Translation

  • Call-Translation

  • Carbone Traduzioni

  • Carolina Translations

  • Casanova Translations

  • Castle Associates

  • Caterpi

  • Ccaps Translation and Localization

  • Cengolio Translation

  • Certified Spanish Translation
    BB Spanish has a team of certified spanish language translators who provide quality Spanish translation services at a very competitive rate.

  • CG Translation & Interpreting

  • Charles Aschmann Language Services

  • Chin Group

  • China One Call


  • Chinese-English Translation & Interpreting

  • Chinese to English Translations

  • Chinese Translation

  • Choice Translating & Interpreting, Inc.

  • Cipherion - Multilingual Translation Services
    Cipherion is a leading translations service provider in U.K which offers multilingual solutions for all your business translation requirements.

  • ClickTranslate

  • CNX Translation

  • Codex

  • Codex Global

  • Communicate Translation Service

  • Comtec
    Translation, Localization and Interpreting

  • comTranslations (English and Spanish translations)

  • Comunicarte

  • Concorde Translation Services
    Concorde is the most flexible and personal translation and  interpretation agency in the Netherlands. Concorde can help you  with translations and interpreters to and from all languages, on  all specialty subjects. We translate and interpret for the  corporate community, but also for the European Commission and  various other government bodies. And thanks to our DTP studio, our  translation agency also keeps layout and editorial work under one  roof.

  • Confluent Translations

  • Connect Language Services

  • Contact International - Center for Technical Translation


  • Corporate Translation Services


  • Cosmo Translations

  • CP Language Institute, Inc.

  • CPTec GmbH

  • CrossOver Media

  • Crystal Hues Limited

  • CSOFT International, Ltd.
    CSOFT International, Ltd., a provider of multilingual localization, testing and software development, has launched L10NWorks, a company-sponsored web portal that is vendor-neutral and available for no charge to users.

  • CTS LanguageLink

  • Cutting Edge Translations International

  • CyraCom International, Inc.

  • Czech Translations

  • Datawords

  • Daniel Jordà Tormo
    Language and translation services in Barcelona. Legal, technical, medical translations.

  • DeJump Inc.

  • Diablo Translations
    Japanese-English / English-Japanese translation

  • Dialog Line Translation

  • Die Presse Editorial

  • Diskusija

  • Dixon Servicios Ling・sticos

  • DK-Translation Group

  • Document Service Center GmbH

  • Dragsted & Kjeldsen Translators

  • Druzhba Narodov
    Ukrainian company providing language-related services ranging from translation and proofreading to DTP and linguistic testing.

  • Dubbing
    Subtitling and dubbing company, the leader in foreign-language versioning, foreign voice-overs and script translation.

  • East West Consulting

  • Eclectic Communications Ltd

  • edfe language centre

  • Eircom Net

  • Eisenmann Übersetzungesteam

  • ElaN Languages (Belgium)

  • eLinguaConsulting

  • Elite Bilingual Services

  • Elite I.D.E.A.S

  • ENAI E-consulting International

  • Enea Albanian Translations, Inc.

  • English Consulting and Language Reference Services

  • English French Translators-Canada

  • English Russian translation services
    Russian translation company - translation from Russian into English.

  • English to Chinese Translation - Turnkey English Chinese Translation, and Copywriting, interpreting service

  • English to French Translation Services

  • English to Spanish Translation Services - Etos

  • English, Français, Español & Português

  • English-Farsi Translation Services

  • Englishpanish

  • English Spanish Translation
    Translation company leader in Spanish translation and language translations. Free quote or consultation. Quality at the best rates. Expert Translator teams.

  • Enso Company Ltd.

  • Epic Translation
    We provide translation, transcription, and interpretation services for over 35 languages.

  • Erazo's Typing And Word Processing Service

  • Escalante Translations

  • EthnoLink

  • EthnoLink Language Services


  • Eulenhaupt Translation Services

  • Eureco Galicia Traductore

  • Traductores e Intérpretes EURO:TEXT
    EURO:TEXT is a small but renowned language service provider. We work for public authorities as well as for big international industrial enterprises, as for example, Siemens and Michelin.

  • Eurologos-Brussels

  • European Translation Centre Ltd

  • Eurotext Translations

  • Eurotransnet Ltd

  • Euroverba Translation & Document Services

  • EveryWare Group

  • EVS Translations USA, Inc.
    A translation company headquartered in Germany and located in Atlanta, GA.

  • Exigo translations

  • Export communications Ltd

  • Express Language Solutions

  • Eyecom Translations

  • Fasttranslator

  • Fisher International Services

  • Fitzgerald & Dionne

  • Fluent


  • ForeignExchange Translations, Inc.

  • Foreign Language Services
    FLS is a woman owned business with language experts that break through the language obstacles that hinder the smooth flow of information across international lines. From translating official government documentation, business correspondence, and legal documents; to providing personal interpreting services; FLS can even provide corporate language support services for employees relocating from abroad, or for temporary assignments in other countries.

  • Founding Translate

  • French, Russian, German, English translation in Dallas, Texas
    Translation company in Dallas. Text and document translation from and into Russian, English, German, French and more languages

  • French Translation
    Language translation services by human translators. High quality translations at excellent prices. Website translation and localization. Over 100 languages.

  • Frey Translation Service

  • Front Runner
    All FRONT RUNNERs are qualified specialist translators from all over the world, and many are members of translators’ associations. We translate exclusively into our native languages.

  • FT-studio(CIS countries)

  • GCT Chinese Translation


  • Genial Translations
    We offer translation and text optimization services for three languages:German, English, and French.

  • GEO Group

  • Geotext Translations, Inc.

  • German & Technical Translation Service

  • German-English Language Services, L.L.C.

  • germanleads

  • Global Lingo

  • Global LTS

  • Global Translation Services

  • Globalization Partners International

  • Globaware International

  • Glyph Language Services

  • Gongwell Services Incorporated
    Specializes in Chinese and Japanese patent and competitive intelligence research. Translation services available.

  • Gotham Lab

  • Grande-Allee Translation Bureau

  • Greatranslations

  • Green Crescent Translations
    Green Crescent Translations provides language translation services by professional translators located around the world.


  • Hedborg Language Services

  • Heilwagen Translations

  • HHCE
    HHCE certified translation company - marketing - business communication - engineering - finance - IT

  • HQ-translate agency

  • HuayiNet Chinese Translation Co., Ltd.

  • Hyderabad Translation Bureau

  • IBIDEM Group

  • Ici La-Bas Translation Agency

  • ICTAC - Intercultural Training and Consulting Co

  • Idea Language Services, LLC

  • Ideas Translated

  • Idem tradu鈬o

  • Idiomatic Language Services S.L.

  • Ikfgroup


  • Ilingustists

  • Inaword

  • InboxTranslation

  • Indian Translators

  • IndianScripts

  • Industry Arabic
    we are a specialized technical and legal translation services company that works on the Arabic-English language pair.

  • Indy Translations, LLC

  • Info Globe Association

  • InterASAP Net

  • Inter-com Translations

  • Interlang - The Bulgarian Translation Service
    One stop solution for Bulgarian translation and interpretation needs. Interlang offers outstanding customer service, competitive rates and high quality services.

  • Interlex Communications

  • Interlinguistic Soft Texas

  • International Language Services

  • International Translation

  • Interpretation & Language Services

  • Interpreters & Translators Network of Canada

  • Interpretext, Inc.

  • InterPro Translation Solutions, Inc.

  • Intertext Traduccón y documentacón Multilingüe - Barcelona

  • InterTrans

  • InterWorld Translations, Inc.

  • Incio Localization Services

  • iProbe Multilingual Solutions, Inc.

  • ISI Translation Services

  • I Speak English Translation Bureau

  • Italian Technical Translation Service

  • Italian translations agency and Audio production co

  • iTerracom

  • ITN Canada Inc.

  • iTranslate

  • Iverson Language Associates, Inc.

  • Janus Corporate Services Ltd.

  • Japan=U.S. TransWriters

  • Japanese Translation - ALLON
    New York based, Japanese translation & marketing company. Offers translation, web/DTP design and online promotion, helping American reach Japanese customers.

  • Japanese Translation Services India

  • Japanese-English / English-Japanese translation

  • Java Translations, Inc

  • JKW International

  • JLS Language Corporation

  • Jonckers Translation & Engineering

  • JP Translations

  • Juridisch Vertaalwerk

  • K International plc

  • Kaleidoscope

  • Kenax

  • Kern Language Services

  • Keywords Italia

  • langalo inc.

  • Language Center

  • Language Connect – Translation Services Agency

  • Language Connections

  • Language Engineering Corporation

  • Language Exchange Inc.

  • Language Intelligence, Ltd.

  • Language Links Ltd

  • Language Management Services

  • Language Masters Inc.


  • Language Services Associates

  • Language Services International

  • Language Solutions

  • Language Swappers

  • Language Training Center

  • Language Translation Service - Translation in Chinese,English, Spanish, French, Japanese and others

  • Language Translation Services

  • Language Translation Services

  • Language Translation Services

  • Language Translators
    We are an online directory for language professionals from all over the world. Our  community includes both independent translators and translation agencies, as well as  experienced interpreters assisting businessmen or tourists.

  • LanguageMessenger

  • LanguageWorks, Inc.

  • Lead To Asia Translation and Localization Co., Ltd

  • Leemeta Translations | Prevajanje Leemeta

  • Legal Language Services

  • Legal Translation

  • Legal Translation Company

  • Legal Translation Company

  • LEGINDA Global Translations
    We provide translations in more than 40 languages since 2009 by using a special online system.

  • Lengua Translations

  • LeoSam Translation

  • Lexcelera – Groupe Eurotexte
    Based in Paris and London.

  • Lexical Liaisons Translation Services
    English to French Translation by Lexical Liaisons Translation Services.

  • Lexicon Translation Services

  • LexicoTecnia LT Servicios Lingüísticos y Editoriales S.L

  • Lexis PRO

  • Lexi-tech International

  • Libra Translation Services

  • Light Salt International

  • Lighthouse Translations
    Annika Neudecker - Certified English-German Translator

  • Lingo Systems

  • - UK

  • LingoBank

  • LingPerfect Translations

  • Lingua Forum

  • Lingua Graphica, Inc.

  • Lingua International

  • Lingua Port

  • Lingua Port Translation Services Singapore

  • Lingua PRO Translation Agency

  • Lingua Tech (Singapore)
    Lingua Tech (Singapore) Pte Ltd - a translation agency with 15 years of passion and going.

  • Lingual Institute

  • LinguaTrans

  • LinguaVox - Basque Translation Service

  • Linguistic Systems, Inc.

  • Link Translations - Professional Translation Agency

  • LinkTranslation - Translation Company

  • Lionbridge

  • Lipsie Languages

  • Live Translation

  • Living Word Language Services Ltd.

  • Liwal Ltd.

  • LNE International

  • Localize-IT

  • Locatech

  • Locobyte

  • LocServe

  • LocTeam

  • LogiVerbe Inc.

  • LogoMedia

  • Logos Translations

  • Lomac - CEE localization & translations

  • Lopa Agency

  • Luxe Translation Services

  • M2 Ltd

  • Macfarlane International Business Services

  • Majoros Language Solutions Translation Agency

  • Malcolm & Fong Co Ltd
    Languages - Chinese/English

  • Mandarin Certified Translation

  • Manufaktura International

  • Marcos Business Services

  • McElroy Translation

  • MDVtranslations

  • Media Movers, Inc.

  • MediaCom TranslatorTeam

  • Medical Translation Company

  • Medical Translators, Inc.

  • Medisch Vertaalbureau/font>

  • Member directory of the Association of Translation Companies

  • Memidex is a free online dictionary/thesaurus and more


  • Meta Traductores S.L.

  • Metafrasi

  • Metamorfose Vertalingen

  • Metaphraser

  • Metropolis Conference Interpreters

  • Metropolio vertimai UAB

  • Middle East Translation Services

  • Miles Translations

  • Mind Communications

  • Mixwerk Berlin

  • MO Group International's translation
    MO Group International's translation team specializes in 40+ languages and is committed to delivering the hightest quality translations.

  • Modlingua (Centre for Modern Languages)

  • Moment Translate

  • Monde Information Systems

  • MondoServices

  • Mosaic

  • Multi-Languages

  • MultiLing International, Inc.


  • Multilingual Microsite

  • Multilingual QA: Software Localization

  • Multinational Translating Service

  • Mundo Global, Traducciones y Comercio

  • NAG Traducciones

  • National Association of Judicial Interpreters and Translators

  • NeoAtlas Translation

  • Netprofi Translations

  • Nettprofile

  • Net-Translators: Translation & Localization

  • NetworkOmni. Multilingual Communications

  • New Lingo Translators
    High quality translation services at excellent prices. Website translation and localization services with operations in the UK and New Zealand

  • Nihongo-Bashi
    Offers translation services in major Asian languages by a team of Chinese translators, Japanese translators, Korean translators as well as translators in other Asian languages.

  • Noorderlicht Translation Agency

  • Norbert Zäker und Kollegen GmbH

  • Notaatio Oy

  • Novilinguists

  • NOW Translations

  • NTIS New Zealand Translations

  • OEC

  • Omega International

  • omegatranslator

  • Omnibus Global Translations

  • Omniverbal Translation Services
    Omniverbal provides translations in major European languages. We also provide desktop publishing services for recreation of complicated formats and graphics of specialized texts and technical documents. Omniverbal follows DIN EN15038 quality standards.

  • OneHourTranslator

  • Online Language Translators for Immigration

  • Online-translators

  • Optimum Linguistic Solutions

  • Overheidsvertalingen

  • P.S.Translations

  • P&L Translations

  • Pacific International Technical Language Services

  • Panamerco

  • Panlingual Interpretation & Translation Agency

  • Paragraf


  • PBK Translation.

  • PBSS Translations

  • Pearl Linguistics Language Solutions

  • PM Translation & Interpreting Services

  • Polaris-Australis Translators


  • Polish Language Services

  • Polish Language Translations

  • Polish Translation Services

  • Polish Translations

  • Polones - Warsaw

  • Polyline Translations

  • Portuguese and Spanish translation

  • Pozitif Tercüme Bürosu

  • Prem Dan, s.l.u.

  • Premier Focus Inc.

  • President Translation Service

  • Prestige Network

  • Prevodilac za nemacki jezik.

  • Prevodilacka agencija

  • Prime Langauge Ltd

  • Prime Translation

  • Prodoc Ingenieurb|ro GmbH

  • professional and free translation of emails

  • Professional Italian Translation

  • Professional Legal Transcription

  • Professional Translation and Interpretation

  • Professional Translation Services
    Studyhood provides Professional translation services for English, French, Spanish, Russian, Greek, German and many more languages, at competitive prices.

  • Project Board

  • Prolangs Co., Ltd.

  • ProText Translations

  • Pro-Tran Germany

  • Qabiria

  • QT

  • Qualigenz Translation Services

  • Quality Translations @Affordable Prices

  • Quick Lingo

  • Quid Ltd

  • QwertyWorks Touchbase

  • Rancho Park Publishing

  • Real World Translations

  • Redmondian Insight Enterprises

  • Reflex Translation Services

  • Renaissance Translations Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales

  • Rennert Bilingual

  • Rev
    A San Francisco-based translation agency that translates immigration, legal and business documents in 30+ languages.

  • RixTrans Ltd
    Services: Translation | Localization | Editing | Proofreading | Interpreting | Subtitling | Dubbing | DTP | Voiceover

  • Rocca-Howell Translations

  • Romanian Translators

  • Romanian Translations Online
    Offers legal and business translation services from English and French to Romanian

  • Romo Translation
    For all your translation service needs, wide range of languages to choose from at the most affordable prices for translation, interpreting.

  • Rosetta Stone Associates, Inc.

  • Rosetta Translation Ltd

  • Rubric Limited

  • Russian Communications Group

  • Russian translation
    High quality translation between Russian, Ukrainian and English languages. Affordable prices, qualified and highly experienced native speaker translators.

  • Russian Translation Pros

  • Russian Translation Service

  • Russian translation services
    RUSLINGO offers translations into Russian, Chinese, Spanish. It specializes in Russian and provides translation in fields such as Oil and Gas, IT, Engineering.

  • Russian Translation USA

  • Russian Translations for You

  • Russian Translator

  • Russian-Hungarian & Hungarian-Russian translation from European Union

  • RVR Translation Limited

  • Saeculii Professional Translation Services

  • Sajan
    Sajan is a top 50 global translation service provider, with offices in the United States, Ireland, Spain, Singapore and India.

  • Sakura Translation Services

  • Salton Translations Agency

  • SAP Software Translations

  • Scandinavian languages

  • Schofield & Partner - Technical and Scientific Translations

  • Schouten Translation Services

  • Schreiber Translations, Inc.

  • Scientific Translation Company

  • Scriptware

  • SDL International

  • Service de traduction anglais français
    Tectrad service de traduction anglais français et de traduction français anglais spécialisé en finance, juridique et en traduction de site web.

  • SETranslations

  • Shakti Enterprise

  • Shanghai Xinyi Software Tech. Dev. Co., Ltd

  • Shufra (Singapore)

  • Signum Cia. Ltda.

  • Skrivanek Translation Services

  • Snelvertaler

  • Soget SRL

  • Somali Interpretation and Translation

  • Somali Interpreters and Translators Service

  • Something Snappy

  • Somya Translators Pvt. Ltd.

  • SOS Office

  • Sound Company Ltd (voiceovers)

  • Spanish & English Translators (Professional, Affordable, Fast)

  • Spanish and French translation

  • Spanish Matters
    If you are looking for a professional translation company, then you are in the right place. We will offer you full-range of translation services for all your localization needs in over 100 languages: document translation, website globalization, software localization and more!

  • Spanish Target
    Professional Spanish Translation Services

  • Spanish Translation

  • Spanish Translation
    As Spanish Post Production has Spanish translation expertise in a wide array of fields and subject matters, all companies, from small entertainment companies to large Fortune 500 companies, look to us as their Spanish translation experts.

  • Spanish Translation
    English Spanish Translation: 1-888-202-2488. At Spanish Translation US we have English to Spanish Translation experts with capabilities to handle any English Spanish Translation project.

  • SPL Translation

  • Sprachendienst Bangard Marburg

  • Sprachendienst Joosten

  • SR Translations

  • St.Clair Bull & Partner

  • STAR - Software, Translation, Artwork, Recording

  • Stealth Translations

  • Strictly Spanish

  • Studio Linguistico Omega

  • Studio Solutions

  • Studio Traduzioni Vecchia

  • Studo Gambit Sp. Zo.o

  • Sudski tumac za nemacki jezik

  • Sua Empresade Traducao

  • suma
    Suma offers translation and localization services.

  • Suncoast Translation Services

  • Sure Languages

  • SVITANOK Language Services and Russian Language Courses

  • Swidish Tranlation Services

  • Sydney Translation
    Sydney Translation is a language translation services company, providing translation services from Australia.


  • Syntax PRO

  • Tango translations

  • TanuTech

  • Technical Translation

  • Technical Translation Company

  • Technical Translation Factory

  • Technido s.r.o

  • Technisch Vertaalwerk

  • TechText

  • Tedopres
    Tedopres is your one-stop shop for all your technical documentation needs.

  • Tedopres International

  • Tek Translation International

  • Teknovation - German English Translations

  • Telelanguage

  • Telelingua International

  • TeleTranslator Network TTN

  • Tercumex Istanbul


  • Textmakarna

  • TextWerk-Dutch Translation Agency

  • The Language Banc

  • Timasearch Translation & Search Services

  • TJC Global Ltd
    A small translation company in Oxford, UK established over 25 years ago. Specialize in providing translation and interpreting for legal, medical, engineering and environmental fields.

  • ToggleText

  • Tolingo Translation

    We manage the translation market for you.

  • Toptranslation

  • Trad Online

  • Trade & Tech Translations
    Specialising in Spanish to English translations of business and technical documents.

  • Tradifax, TradXpert and Tradiweb

  • Tradivarius, translation and interpretation agency

  • Traduction-Worldwide
    Professional translation services for businesses and individuals in all sectors of activity. Specializing in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

  • Tradue Translation Services
    Tradue is a translation agency based in Majorca. We offer any kind of translations in almost all languages. We only work with professionals specialised in the various fields of translation and that always translate into their mother tongue.

  • Tradunova

  • Trans Infopreneur Inc.


  • TransABC Translation Services

  • TransAction Translators Limited

  • Transcend

  • Transcript GbR

  • Transcription Global - Translation Services
    We are a leading transcription, translation and interpreting company based in the UK.

  • Transcréation

  • Transhorsa Translation

  • TransImage

  • Transimpex Translators-Interpreters-Editors-Consultants

  • Transis - servizi di traduzione

  • Transkript (India) Translations & Design Services

  • Translate and Save

  • Translate by Humans
    We are the fastest growing online translation company in the market and providing professional translation services from only $0.10/word with 24/7 services and without any extra / hidden /project management minimum cost.

  • Translate Greek

  • Translatel

  • translatio Traducciones

  • Translation Agency Textcase

  • Translation Central

  • Translation Company India
    TridIndia is the best translation company in India which provides technical translation services, website localization and software localization at affordable prices.

  • Translation Express

  • Translation Junction

  • TranslationKings

  • Translation, Localization, Voiceover services by world class quality and professionalism
    Cosmic Global Limited is a leading Translation, Localization, Voiceovers, Multi lingual Desktop publishing, Accounts Processing service provider with many years of experience

  • Translations on the Net

  • Translation Service

  • Translation Services
    Translation services available through Prestige Network, the UK's leading translation & interpreting service agency.

  • Translation Services English German Hungarian
    Technical translation, localization, proofreading and editing in German, English and Hungarian

  • Translation Services24

  • Translation to English


  • Translations - Interpreting from Romo Translation

  • Translations Mumbai


    Professional language translation service. Online quotes.

  • translation-translator

  • Translationz

  • Translators Town - Global Translation Portal


  • transline (Germany)

  • transline International

  • Translink Technical Translation

  • TransMaster Traduções


  • Transparent Language Inc. - PlusTranslation

  • TransPerfect Translations, Inc.

  • Transpose SA

  • Transware

  • Triacom

  • Trusted Translations, Inc.
    Trusted Translations, Inc. is the leading professional Spanish translation service provider in the United States and a recognized industry authority on the Spanish language.

  • t-s-o-t

  • tsd - translation serices & documentation

  • TTS

  • Tulkojumi

  • Turkish Language TranslatorProfessional Turkish – English translation services by native Turkish translator

  • Turkish Translators in 200 Countries

  • Turkish Word

  • Turris Babel Kft. (Turris Babel Ltd.)

  • TXT Content Studio

  • UCN Consulting Group

  • uk translation company
    London based translation agency offering high-quality translation.

  • Uni Terra - Chinese & Asian language specialists (Germany)

  • Universal Dialog

  • Universal VIP Center

  • uniVerse Language Solutions

  • University Language Center

  • Übersetzungsagentur ots

  • US Translation Company

  • Ltd

  • Verbal Exchange

  • Veris


  • Vertaalbureau Bothof (Bothof Translation Services)

  • Vertaalbureau Metamorfose Vertalingen

  • Vertaalbureau Perfect
    Vertaalbureau Perfect is a mordern translation agency located in the Netherlands.

  • Vertaalbureau The Language Lab

  • Vertaalbureau The Language Lab



  • Vertaalkantoor Trador BV

  • Vertimu Biuras
    A translation agency in Lithuania.

  • Verto Traduzioni

  • VGM Pharmatech Translations

  • viaLanguage

  • ViaVerbia

  • Video Caption Corporation

  • Vietnamese Translation, DTP, Music Engraver and Localization Service

  • VocaLink Language Services

  • Voice Between, Translations & Interpreting

  • VOVF

  • VOX Translations, Corp.
    Translations provided by certified translators offering a broad range of language services including edition, localization, cultural consulting and more.

  • VSI Translation & Subtitling BV

  • Wahab Translations (Pvt) Ltd

  • We Speak Your Language

  • Weblations

  • Weizman Software Localization

  • Wilkens C.S

  • Wise Translations

  • WLS Translations

  • Wordbank Limited

  • Wordbase Translations Company

  • WordHouse localisation bv

  • Wordnet, Inc.

  • Wordstation Software- und Dokumentationsuebersetzung GmbH

  • WordWide | Traducciones

  • World Language Communications

  • WorldAccent Translation

  • Worldlang-services

  • Worldlingo

  • WorldLink Technologies

  • WorldPoint

  • Worldwide Translation Center

  • WTB Language Group

  • XenCraft

  • XTRA Translation Services

  • Yahoo's Directory of Translation Services

  • YoFast

  • Yoshino Trad


  • Yu Jian Yo Language Services, Ltd.

  • zamenhof translation service

  • zappmedia communications

  • Zikit Translation Services

  • Zorrotranslations

  • Zulloch Ltd

  • Übersetzungen Englisch

  • Übersetzungsbüro

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